Height: 161cm
Weight: 48kg




2019 SF Writer/Director/Supporting S.E.N. DFA
2019 SF Hazmat Grapefruits Pedro Tamames
2019 SF Lead The Apartment Jean Baptiste Henry
O Speaking KFC $5 Hot & Spicy Lunch ASMR Ogilvy Sydney 
SF Lead Split Ends Leon Hooke
2017 ST Writer/Director Hypnagogism Balter Theatre Co., Luke Beattie
2017 C Speaking Go To Knife Brand Developers, Amanda Allen
2017 O Speaking Eye Alchemy HiLife Health & Beauty, Lawrence Dunn
2016 ST Lead/Writer Boots & Straps & Immortal Saps Balter Theatre Co., Brodie Sexton-Clark
2016 WS Lead Dave the Entrepreneur Rowena Cociuban
2015 ST Nina Toy Symphony Darlo Drama, Glen Hamilton
2015 ST Supporting Burning Angel On the Cusp, Nathan Wilson
2014 ST Joan Sexual Perversity in Chicago Glen Hamilton
2013 FF Principal Awake For A Moment Urchin Productions, Elizabeth Cooper
2013 ST Lady Catherine The Admirable Chrichton Players in the Pub, Nicholas Gledhill
2013 SF The Young Woman Praxidike Eugene Raggio
2012 TV Under 5 Deadly Women Beyond Productions, Katie Hides
2012 SF Supporting The Production Interviews Unorthodox Euphoria, Ethan J. Greene
2012 WS Supporting Johnny Grimedaily Media, Kwame Augustine


2019 Digital Film Academy full-time, Filmmaking
2018 Atlantic Acting School full-time, Acting
2016-2018 Umbilico Adagio, Tumbling, & Handstands
2016-2018 Aerialize Adagio, Handstands, & Straps
2015 Darlo Drama Ensemble Showcase
2014-2015 Legs On The Wall Adagio, Tumbling, & Handstands
2014 Drama School* Stage & Screen Acting full-time
1997-2007 ATYP Acting (various)
2004-2006 Sydney Dance Co. Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Etc.
2003-2004 Sydney Westsiders Cheerleading
2001-2003 Kiralla Rhythmic Gymnastics
1996-2005 Brent Street Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary
1992-1995 Drummoyne Ballet Ballet & Jazz
1990-2000 Five Dock Leisure Centre Artistic Gymnastics


Australian, Posh Australian*, UK English, USA Californian, RP, Cockney, and French.



Adagio/Partner acrobatics (advanced intermediate), tumbling (intermediate), handstands (advanced intermediate), aerial straps (intermediate), electric bass (hobby), swimming (intermediate), motorsports (drift, circuit, & motorkhana; hobby), dance (ballet, jazz, & contemporary), can sing in tune (soprano), yoga.

*As Frankie has written a play on drama school, she feels it is in poor taste to display which one she attended.


Factoid: Frankie does not have a surname. The name on her original birth certificate is Kate Michelle Christian Grove. She had it legally changed.


It was once thought that Frankie was a cat. When she used up all nine lives, the funeral director got a big shock: she endured.

As a strong film and theatre actress, Frankie is equally at home in realism and heightened work.

Screen credits span Sydney, London, and New York: Split Ends, directed by Leon Hooke, Praxidike, by Eugene Raggio, Awake for a Moment, by Elizabeth Cooper, The Production Interviews, by Ethan J. Green, Grapefruits, by Pedro Tamames, and S.E.N., which she wrote and directed. She has also performed in the TV series, Deadly Women, and an ASMR video for KFC.

Theatrical roles include Joan in Sexual Perversity in Chicago, and Nina in Toy Symphony, both directed by Glen Hamilton. Frankie also starred in Boots & Straps & Immortal Saps, which she penned herself.

Frankie began training in ballet at the age of 3 and has an extensive background in an eclectic mix of performing arts disciplines, from ballet to circus arts. She trained at ATYP, primarily in film acting, for around a decade, and trained full-time at an unnamed* drama school in Sydney.

In 2016, Frankie founded Balter Theatre Co., making her debut as a playwright with Boots & Straps & Immortal Saps. In 2017 she made her directorial debut with Hypnagogism, the full-length play she wrote, which was published in 2018.

2018 was a big year for Frankie. Some highlights include:

Doing one-armed spins at an aerial straps class immediately after shooting a KFC commercial.

Road tripping it from Sydney to the Melbourne Webfest to compete on stage in ABC’s Pitch iview.

Documenting The BizBook’s June Challenge through a daily vlog during a camping trip.

Relocating to New York to retrain in Atlantic Acting School’s full-time conservatory.

In 2019, Frankie transferred to Digital Film Academy; learning filmmaking in NYC is a dream come true.

As an advocate for the health and wellbeing of actors, Frankie participated in Equity Australia’s People With Disabilities Committee, and was briefly Secretary for the Equity Wellness Committee. However, due to time restraints, she has hung up her political hat to focus on her craft(s).

In her downtime, Frankie can often be spotted in parks playing handstand-fetch with a hairless puppy. Her hair is let down at the front right speaker and dancing in the rain is her happy place.

Frankie lived in London briefly and spent a lot of time in Milan. She has a history with motorsports and a background in biological science. She’s worked as a chauffeur, an automotive spray painter, a hair salon assistant, a pizza delivery driver, a bar tender, a labourer… Nine lives? No kidding.


Frankie’s play about drama school was published by Balter Press in 2018. A paperback is available; drama students read free. Click the cover for details:

And here’s a free easy to stage two-hander:

Boots & Straps & Immortal Saps